Ten Vietnamese foods everyone must try at least once (part 2)

Cha ca

Seafood dishes are among the most famous of Vietnamese cuisine. Reportedly devised in Hanoi, Cha ca may be the best known. It is white fish sautéed in butter with dill, spring onions, and served with rice noodles and a scatering of peanuts.

Cao lau

Cao lau is one of Hoi An’s most famous and tasty specialities. It is a mouthwatering bowlful of thick rice-flour noodles, pork-rind croutons, and bean sprouts in a light soup flavored with mint and star anise, topped with slices of pork and sprinkled with crispy rice paper or served with grilled rice-flour crackers.

Mi quang

If you want the truly original dish of Da Nang, this must be Mi quang. Mì means noodles and Quảng stands for Quang Nam province. To make it clear, Da Nang used to be a part of Quang Nam in the past (under the name Quang Nam – Da Nang province) before it was separated in 1997.

This unheralded and affordable noodle dish is a specialty of Quang Nam and Da Nang. It is made with various ingredients and is served in a simple bowl of meat noodles enlivened by additions such as shrimp, quail eggs, oils, fresh sprigs of leaves, peanuts, and mint.

There are many types of Mi quang, from the basic ones like pork and shrimp or chicken, to more special ingredients such as eel, snakehead fish, or jellyfish. A bowl of Mi quang consists of a rich layer of vegetables at the bottom, noodles, and topped with a fair amount of broth. Mi Quang broth is added just enough to barely soak the noodles and cannot go without the toppings of crushed roasted peanuts, herbs, lemons, rice crackers, and chilli.

Com tam

Com tam (broken rice) is a street-stand favorite in Viet Nam, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. It is commonly served with barbecued pork or beef and a fried egg.

Ten Vietnamese foods everyone must try at least once (part 1)

Vietnamese food is a cuisine that is distinct and unforgettable. It relies on a balance of salty, sour, sweet, and hot flavours, achieved through the usage of nuoc mam, a fermented fish sauce, cane sugar, tamarind and chilli peppers or the juice of kalamansi citrus fruit. Vietnamese dishes use a variety of fresh herbs but tend not to be overly spicy, as chilli sauces are separately served. In this article, we’ve picked ten Vietnamese foods that everyone should try.


Vietnam’s national dish, one of the country’s greatest staple, is pho (pronounced “fuh”). This noodle soup can be eaten at any time of day but primarily at breakfast. The basic bowl of pho includes a light beef or chicken broth flavoured with coriander and ginger, to which are added flat rice noodles, broad, slivers of chicken, pork or beef, and spring onions.

Bun cha

Bun cha is a Hanoi specialty that you can find at food stalls and street kitchens across the capital city of Vietnam. The pork is barbecued on an open charcoal brazier and then served on a bed of cold rice noodles with foliage and a broth.

Bun Cha is served with grilled pork and eaten with a variety of herbs such as coriander and mint.

Goi cuon

Goi Cuon are translucent spring rolls packed with coriander, greens, and various combinations of sliced pork or shrimp. A southern version consists of barbecued strips of pork wrapped up with star fruit and green banana, and then dunked in a rich peanut sauce. Each bit as tasty as it sounds.

Banh mi

This baguette sandwich filled with greens and a choice of fillings, including pork or beef and paté is so good. It has been imitated in many places around the world.

Banh xeo

These enormous, cheap and filling Vietnamese pancake is made with pork, egg, shrimp, and bean sprouts, which is then fried, wrapped in rice paper with vegetables and fruits like green mango and dunked in a fish sauce (called Nuoc Cham in Vietnamese) before eaten.

What’s strange about Russian culinary culture

To understand the cuisine, we first need to learn about the people and the general Russian culture. In the past, the culinary culture was mainly developed to serve the aristocracy. In it, Russian Tsar is the most beneficiary. So the dishes made for Tsar are kept to the best of their essence.

In general, for every culture, there is a belief or spiritual belief in certain things. Salt in the Russian conception is relatively important. And this is also one of the expensive spices in Russia.

Russia influences from diverse cultures, from Europe to Asia. From humid continental climates to arctic Arctic. That’s why the culinary culture of Russia is so diverse. The Russians are gentle and sincere. They are just like woodcutter.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho VĂN HÓA ẨM THỰC CỦA NƯỚC NGA

You will recognize the generosity of the Russian people through their diet.

If invited to a British or French tea party, you will enjoy a few biscuits and a small cup of fragrant tea. So what do you imagine about a Russian tea party? You will be extremely surprised if you do not prepare ahead psychologically. Because it will be a table full of gifts and cakes.

Russians also love flavorful foods. So if you’re a light eater, you’ll feel Russian food is a bit salty. When cooking they usually add a little salt.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho VĂN HÓA ẨM THỰC CỦA NƯỚC NGA

In fact to explain why the Russians drink a lot of alcohol and eat salty foods. Because one thing is very simple, it’s so cold here. They eat a lot of meat, salt, milk butter also to provide abundant energy for the body. Since then resistant to the cold here.

This is evident in the dishes they prepare and prepare. In Pelmini cake there is a special. 1 batch of cookies sometimes has 1 stuffed with 1 coin. Whoever catches that pie will get a lot of luck. And that is what the Russians believe.

Dong Pha braised pork, a legendary dish from China

Dong Pha meat is a famous dish of Chinese cuisine. It is named after famous poet and scholars. He is also known as a person who has a passion for cooking when the poems he writes have a connection with the food.

Dong Pha stewed meat goes through 3 stages of development parallel to To Dong Pha’s life. The first is in Xuzhou, the northern city of Jiangsu province, where Dongfang meat first appeared as Huizeng pork.

Subsequently, due to turmoil during the court, he was exiled to Huangzhou, now Huangjiang, Hubei Province, where To Đong Pha further refined the methods and recipes. Eventually, he was reinstated in Hangzhou, where Dongfang meat became famous throughout China.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

People in the area expressed their gratitude for bringing pork meat to Tô Đông Pha. However, he took the meat to cook and sent it back to every household. The unforgettable rich taste of braised meat makes it a traditional dish of Hangzhou people.

In order to show respect, the people in the region decided to use his meat’s name. A large restaurant owner in Hangzhou, after discussing with the chefs, decided to introduce Dong Pha meat into the restaurant system. Thanks to this, this dish is known more than ever.

Dong Pha stewed meat has a way of processing that is not too picky but bold and gives rice. Bacon is cut into bite-sized square pieces, marinated with soy sauce, soy sauce and wine.

The piece of meat is then fried in hot oil, keeping the outer skin yellow and slightly brittle skin. Put the meat in a pot with the marinade mixture, stew for 3 hours to make the meat cooked. This is a dish with rice and vegetables. It is preferred by many people, especially during the cold season. The piece of meat needs to be simmered for 3 hours to make it soft like melting in the mouth.

Interesting Things About Americans Meals

Americans are famous for their agility and professionalism. So how does their daily meal work so they have plenty of time for different things. Check out the article below to know more interesting things about American meals!

For Americans, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, fully loaded with the main energy for a day. According to American habits and culture, breakfast usually begins with foods such as breads and pastries.

Breakfast bread with eggs, cheese, meat or bacon, sausage … These dishes are suitable for those who prefer to be quick and save time.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ẩm thực mỹ

In lunch, Americans often eat simple and fast. With the modernity and the increasing convenience, in the US, they prefer food trucks, if you settle in the US you will come across such cars everywhere in the United States.

In the US, this meal usually appears on weekends. Weekends are a time to rest, so the meal becomes leisurely and light. This meal is usually paired with some cocktails or wine.

Dinner in the US does not need as much energy as breakfast but requires more fussy. Usually it will be organized eating at home or going to a restaurant.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ẩm thực mỹ

American culture really has many interesting things that you may not know. When living in the US, you really feel all the interesting things in this flag country.

Fried chicken is a fusion of African and Scottish cuisine and today fried chicken has become a typical dish of Americans. You can enjoy fried chicken with hamburger.

Besides fried chicken, the US is also known for sour dishes made from tubers, fruits. This dish originated from African slaves. In addition, beefsteak is also a famous dish of Americans.

Beefsteak is a dish made from a large piece of beef that is fried with fat, served with bread and chips.

The principles of nutrition in sports you should know

Each nutrient has a specific role, not only to provide energy and strength but also to provide flexibility to achieve better performance in sports. Below are the principles of nutrition in sports.


Enough energy means enough calories for all activities of the body and helps maintain body weight at an ideal level.

People who play sports, especially sports (badminton, swimming, ball games, aerobic, gymnastics, etc.) will naturally need more energy than mental subjects (chess, chess General, etc.).

Enough nutrients and a balance between substances

Because there is no one food that contains all the necessary nutrients for the body, we need to eat a variety.

You need to eat more than 10 type of food in each main meal, 15-20 foods per day with 6 food groups and a balanced ratio.


Protein should account for 15-20% of the diet energy, including animal and plant proteins such as lean meat (beef, pork, chicken, etc.), fish, eggs, seafood, tofu, beans, seaweed, etc. This is an important group for sports success, helping to synthesize new tissue (muscles, etc.), repair and repair old damaged tissue.


Sugar makes up 60-70% of the diet energy, from rice, noodles, pasta, bread, corn, potatoes, etc. This is the main source of energy for athletes.

There should be a plan to provide regular sugar powder to enhance endurance and endurance. The lack of this substance will make the player sleepy, less focused, tired early, reduce achievement and recover slowly.


Fat accounts for about 20% of the diet energy. You should choose vegetable oil, nuts instead of fat, butter. This group supplies fuel mainly for lower, medium and longer-term intensity maneuvers.

Vegetables and fruits

Each day, you need about 400g of assorted vegetables and 200-300g ripe fruits. This group provides the body with vitamins, minerals and fiber that help the body metabolize substances, increase resistance and be healthy.

Milk and dairy products

Milk, yogurt or cheese will help supplement calcium for strong bones and reduce injuries.

You need to actively drink enough water before, during and after the competition to compensate for the amount of water and electrolytes lost through sweat if any, help cool the body during high intensity exercise.

If exercising for more than 60 minutes, you should use sports drinks to maintain electrolyte balance, provide a little more energy to the body.

Enjoying the rustic and fascinating culture of Dutch cuisine

Cheese is the first dish we would recommend to Parents and Students. This is a famous and quite popular dish in the Netherlands, which is not only loved by locals but also tourists.

As a traditional dish, dating from 400 BC, Dutch cheese is made according to a secret recipe, so it tastes better than other countries. Milk is incubated until it is frozen and then completely separated. This is a difficult stage, requiring a lot of techniques.

Đến Amsterdam (Hà Lan) đừng bỏ qua những món ăn này nếu không muốn "tiếc hùi hụi" - Ảnh 1.

The finished product is mixed with a yeast and then dried for 2 days. When the mixture has fermented to create a different and rich flavor for cheese, it is soaked in brine and dried before creating a protective outer layer of powder. Undergoing thorough process, Dutch cheese can be stored and used for more than 1 year while preserving the delicious taste.

Anyone who visits the beautiful city of Amsterdam will be fascinated, dead tired of herring. Fresh herring is cleaned, seasoned with salt and served with sliced ​​onions with pickled cucumber.

This dish has a proper way to enjoy it, which is to invert the fish and put it into the whole mouth. As such, all the new ingredients blend together and give an enjoyable dining experience, the taste of fresh fish, the salty taste of salt, the sweetness of onions and sour from Pickles, extremely stimulating taste. You can easily find salted herring in the stalls along the streets of Amsterdam.

Đến Amsterdam (Hà Lan) đừng bỏ qua những món ăn này nếu không muốn "tiếc hùi hụi" - Ảnh 6.

Poffertjes are cakes made from ingredients: yeast, buckwheat flour, sugar and pureed butter. After mixing all the ingredients together into a thick paste just enough to shape into small cakes, we will shape into small balls and fry them to make the product look very appealing.

Stroopwaffle is an extremely sweet dish in the Netherlands. If you are a fan of sweet, don’t miss this dish. The simple dish is that two thin waffles put together in the middle will have a sweet syrup layer. This cake must be eaten when it is still hot to feel the crispy taste of the waffle layer outside, blended with the aroma, sweet taste typical of syrup, ensuring you will never be able to forget the taste of it.

Learning about British cuisine

The UK is home to many culinary cultures, among the most diverse and diverse in the world. In addition to classic British dishes such as grilled dishes for the evening, fish and chips or typical UK breakfast.

If you want to try traditional British cuisine, the best place is pubs. Don’t think that expensive, luxurious places will be the best places to cook. Food in pubs is often cheap and delicious, not to mention this is a place where you can really immerse yourself in English culture with many different social classes.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

During the time studying abroad, you will have to get used to the food stores for convenient and fast reasons. However, ready-to-eat foods are often very expensive. You can find these stores in the campus or downtown.

If you need information on where to eat, especially in the area where you live, it’s best to ask indigenous people. In addition to the address, they may also give you tips on price, quality, atmosphere of the inn.

During the first few weeks of study, you can go on a tour of the area and the price of each store. In addition, you can also go to sites like Just-Eat or Hungry House to pay money in advance. Just going to those sites and update the address and favorite food, you will be provided with a list of shops that match the requirements.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ẩm thực anh

But if you are less interested in exploring culture but need a place with lavish space, there are still different restaurant chains to choose from. Spanish cuisine has a chain of La Tasca restaurants, French cuisine has Cafe Rouge and Wagamama specializes in Japanese cuisine.

For Italian cuisine, the Jamie’s Italian chain will be a place not to be missed. Born with the idea of ​​culinary expert Jamie Oliver, this chain of stores is present in most major cities in the UK. In London, Jamie Oliver has just launched the ‘Union Jacks’ restaurant chain specializing in traditional British cuisine.

In addition, you can also find popular fast food stores like Starbucks or McDonald’s.

Drinking pineapple juice has an effect on health

Pineapple is a tropical fruit, favored by many people around the world. On hot summer days, pineapple juice becomes an excellent beverage. It has long been considered that pineapple is a curative fruit because it is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Many people often ask what is the effect of drinking pineapple juice?

Pineapple juice contains lots of vitamin C and nutrients. Therefore, drinking pineapple juice can boost the immune system and shorten the recovery time. Research in the Philippines shows that children who use pineapple juice in their diets are less likely to be infected with viruses and bacteria than those who do not drink pineapple juice.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho nước ép dứa

In pineapple juice contains a lot of manganese, this is a nutrient that maintains healthy joints. A cup of pineapple juice contains about 73 percent Manganese for the body’s daily needs. Pineapple juice helps bones grow in children and helps strengthen bones in the elderly.

Pineapples containing beta-carotene and vitamin A are good for vision. Drinking pineapple juice prevents macular degeneration and reduces the risk of vision loss in old age. Furthermore, vitamin C found in pineapples can help keep eyes healthy and prevent cataracts. Good for the eyes is considered the perfect answer to the question of what pineapple juice works?

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Pineapple juice helps improve blood circulation circulation, good for cardiovascular health. Moreover, bromelain in pineapple reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin C in pineapples prevents atherosclerosis, acting as an anticoagulant.

Lack of collagen is one of the reasons for rapid aging, sagging, and not having good elasticity. Drinking pineapple juice every day will help your body get more collagen, from which the skin becomes more and more young. In addition, pineapple juice also works to heal skin wounds quickly or treat acne effectively.

Notes on eating culture when traveling to the US

There are many small details in the daily eating habits that make it difficult to integrate and make mistakes when eating meals in American countries, especially the United States. Therefore, this article will emphasize some notes about eating culture for those who first travel to the United States.

In the US, the eating style is very attentive, this is also something that many Asians in general when American tourism easily make mistakes. Americans sitting at the table will sit up straight, politely put their hands on the table. They used a spoon to bring food into their mouths, not putting the dishes in their mouths.


No sound when eating. They do not let the dishes touch or chew, even when using Asian dishes. Americans who are taught from babies when they have to eat and drink have to close their mouths to prevent others from seeing food in their mouths, open-mouthed eating is considered rude and this is also what many tourists come to America for the first time. error.

In particular, reduce the phone volume when you eat at restaurants, restaurants. It’s quite impolite if you’re having a meal and the phone rings loudly. Besides, if you need to listen to the phone, apologize and ask the person to sit at the table and take the phone off the table, avoid casually listening to the phone at the table because the person sitting at the table will feel disrespectful important.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ăn uống ở mỹ

When going to a party at home, you need to prepare a dish to bring along to contribute. If the landlord opens a party without the need to bring anything, you should bring a bottle of wine, a bouquet of flowers or a small gift to show courtesy and appreciation.

For parties with waiters and sitting with many people, note that Americans do not share dishes or spoons with anyone. Each guest has a separate bowl of dipping sauce, each with its own set of food, each person will take their own part when eating, remember to wait for the turn.