Epic Summer Adventures & Great Food in Ontario

Ontario is Canada’s most popular tourist destination and said to be the most welcoming to newcomers. It is one of the most populous provinces with a population of around 13,650. Blessed with fresh water, it offers visiting families a wide variety of resorts to choose from, while the epic summer holiday can include beaching, rafting & paddling, and house boating.

For a more relaxing or special experience, Ontario offers some of the best spas and wellness retreats, while lazy days could include a visit to the farmers market. The winery and brew tours provide visitors with the opportunity to step into a wine lovers heaven or a taste of the finest craft beer.

Niagara Home to The Most Stunning Natural Wonder

While several day trips ensure visitors get to enjoy the best views of the Niagara Falls in Canada, it is often the 19th-century buildings placed mainly along Queen that charms their way into your heart. Considered one of the most progressive provinces, Ontario is home to some of the biggest sports enthusiasts.

Ontario residents have access to some of the greatest teams, and thankfully sports betting is legal if betting takes place at licensed betting houses. The largest of all sports betting venues near Niagara is the Casino Niagara while the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort and Caesars Windsor also accept sports bets.

Online Sportsbooks for Canadian Gamblers

Finally enjoying that long awaited holiday with the family, going into a casino to place bets on your favourite team or sports event is not ideal. With top online sportsbooks for Canadian Gamblers available via your mobile device, it is quick and easy to place bets and enjoy a meal at one of the vibrant cafés during your stay. It is possible to have the best of both worlds, a great holiday and continuing to bet on your favourite team, by visiting a professional, trustworthy site such as online-casino-canada.ca, you find the most dependable sports betting sites offering the best odds.

There is a fantastic variety of food served near Niagara that includes sweet & buckwheat crepes at the Paris Crepes Café, burgers or breakfast at The Famous. A wonderful kid’s friendly atmosphere is what makes the Butterfly Café a huge favourite, open every day from 9 am to 7 pm.

Whether it’s warm bistro with a classic French fare or playful American food your family enjoy, Niagara has it covered. While there is the more traditional flare of dining options as mentioned above, there are also many international dining options as Niagara Falls plays host to a wide range of visitors from all corners of the globe. As such, those wishing to try something that is out of the norm will find many delightful dining options.