What’s strange about Russian culinary culture

To understand the cuisine, we first need to learn about the people and the general Russian culture. In the past, the culinary culture was mainly developed to serve the aristocracy. In it, Russian Tsar is the most beneficiary. So the dishes made for Tsar are kept to the best of their essence.

In general, for every culture, there is a belief or spiritual belief in certain things. Salt in the Russian conception is relatively important. And this is also one of the expensive spices in Russia.

Russia influences from diverse cultures, from Europe to Asia. From humid continental climates to arctic Arctic. That’s why the culinary culture of Russia is so diverse. The Russians are gentle and sincere. They are just like woodcutter.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho VĂN HÓA ẨM THỰC CỦA NƯỚC NGA

You will recognize the generosity of the Russian people through their diet.

If invited to a British or French tea party, you will enjoy a few biscuits and a small cup of fragrant tea. So what do you imagine about a Russian tea party? You will be extremely surprised if you do not prepare ahead psychologically. Because it will be a table full of gifts and cakes.

Russians also love flavorful foods. So if you’re a light eater, you’ll feel Russian food is a bit salty. When cooking they usually add a little salt.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho VĂN HÓA ẨM THỰC CỦA NƯỚC NGA

In fact to explain why the Russians drink a lot of alcohol and eat salty foods. Because one thing is very simple, it’s so cold here. They eat a lot of meat, salt, milk butter also to provide abundant energy for the body. Since then resistant to the cold here.

This is evident in the dishes they prepare and prepare. In Pelmini cake there is a special. 1 batch of cookies sometimes has 1 stuffed with 1 coin. Whoever catches that pie will get a lot of luck. And that is what the Russians believe.

Discover the uniqueness of British culinary culture

British cuisine is the birthplace of different ways of eating around the world. What can see the impact of this country is great.

At restaurants, the two ingredients you can find are fish and potatoes. These two ingredients are processed into many different dishes.

People often think that drinking tea must come from Asian countries, but the culture of enjoying tea comes from the UK. People here consume tea a year in an extremely large amount.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ẩm thực anh

With the habit of drinking tea and enjoying the English bread has existed hundreds of years ago and so far this culture has not changed.

When enjoying tea, the British often like to eat with different types of cakes and salty. especially in the mornings they like to use it with sandwiches. This form is also the origin of our later sandwich.

Traditionally, the British often made tea in porcelain pots. People here do not boil water with tea for a long time. To add a rich flavor to the cups of tea, most English people drink with a combination of milk or sugar.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ẩm thực anh

In particular, the habit of enjoying tea by the hour is still promoted and made exquisite beauty, strange. Only those who come to the UK will feel the full value of the tea drinking customs here.

They usually enjoy tea with a bit of sandwiches, pies with ice cream rolls and jam. Along with that, cakes and pastries are also served. To have a proper tea, we can not help but mention Yorkshire Pudding – a specialty of England.

Chips in English means French fries. With that name, you probably already visualized the food, right? This dish is a combination of fried potatoes and fish.

Sausage is one of the famous dishes in England, it creates the essence of British cuisine. One of the famous English sausages is Cucumberland sausage including ingredients such as ground beef, black pepper, garlic

Dong Pha braised pork, a legendary dish from China

Dong Pha meat is a famous dish of Chinese cuisine. It is named after famous poet and scholars. He is also known as a person who has a passion for cooking when the poems he writes have a connection with the food.

Dong Pha stewed meat goes through 3 stages of development parallel to To Dong Pha’s life. The first is in Xuzhou, the northern city of Jiangsu province, where Dongfang meat first appeared as Huizeng pork.

Subsequently, due to turmoil during the court, he was exiled to Huangzhou, now Huangjiang, Hubei Province, where To Đong Pha further refined the methods and recipes. Eventually, he was reinstated in Hangzhou, where Dongfang meat became famous throughout China.

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People in the area expressed their gratitude for bringing pork meat to Tô Đông Pha. However, he took the meat to cook and sent it back to every household. The unforgettable rich taste of braised meat makes it a traditional dish of Hangzhou people.

In order to show respect, the people in the region decided to use his meat’s name. A large restaurant owner in Hangzhou, after discussing with the chefs, decided to introduce Dong Pha meat into the restaurant system. Thanks to this, this dish is known more than ever.

Dong Pha stewed meat has a way of processing that is not too picky but bold and gives rice. Bacon is cut into bite-sized square pieces, marinated with soy sauce, soy sauce and wine.

The piece of meat is then fried in hot oil, keeping the outer skin yellow and slightly brittle skin. Put the meat in a pot with the marinade mixture, stew for 3 hours to make the meat cooked. This is a dish with rice and vegetables. It is preferred by many people, especially during the cold season. The piece of meat needs to be simmered for 3 hours to make it soft like melting in the mouth.