The Ten Most Famous Cafes in Singapore (part 2)

Enchanted Café

Looking like a modernist fantasy delight, Enchanted Café is fantastic for its ambiance and ethereal charm. It is most famous for its drinks with the charming Elixir being the most favorite. The coffee here is great, well-prepared to savor amid what may be the most fascinating interiors of any coffee shops in Singapore.

Coffee Break

Coffee Break is a family-owned business well preserving the older coffee culture. If you want a taste of classic Singapore coffee, this is the café of your choice. The current generation running the business has combined new flavors in its dishes to provide a wider range of selection. Coffee Break is located in a hawker center, which makes it an experience not to be missed in Singapore.

Tong Ah Eating House

Located in the infamous Keong Saik Street, Tong Ah Eating Houseis perfect for those who are looking for a very Singaporean experience with classic café décor and a cranky owner to boot. Well-renowned for its local coffee and its special toast, this is as traditional as it gets.

Afterglow by Anglow

With the surge in vegetarian across the world, Singapore has seen its fair share, too. Offering a wide variety of coffee and tea products on top of healthy plant-based food, Afterglow is one of the most interesting ones. Some of their specialty drinks include cold brew served with a fresh orange wedge, pink soy latte, cinnamon soy milk, and ginger juice.

Rise & Grind Coffee Co.

Rise & Grind Coffee Co. is one of the best places in Singapore to kick back, relax and basically enjoy what you are eating or drinking. It lays out tables and chairs very closely together, mimicking a more homely vibe that is couched with some great classic coffee with exceptional service to round off. It is also famous for serving one of the best burgers.