Top 5 Café’s in Toronto, Canada

One of the main arguments today is if having an increasing rate of café’s opening in one area a sign of success? In most cases, the answer to that question is yes. Many of the frequent Top 5 Café’s in Toronto have the leisure time of doing so, meaning in most cases they are financially stable enough to spend time in café’s along with having the freedom from their daily jobs, even if only for a short period. While other café patrons use the open and relaxing environment as a workspace due to the constant scent of coffee and aroma from the pastries that cafés are known to frequently serve. Though on the other hand, the café owners themselves play a major part as they are the ones who must sit in these areas, determine if opening a café would be profitable, and start their business.

In the ever growing and lively area of downtown Toronto, there has been an equally growing amount of independently owned cafes spots that are known for their coffee and pastry mixtures. An array of some of the most popular cafes in Canada, such as Crema, Dark Horse, and Jimmy’s have become successful enough to spread their business across the entire city. Though, there are even more delicious café’s that that should be considered the next time you happen to visit downtown Toronto. Listed below are our favourite 5 cafes in the city that has created loyal customers out of us due the delicious and fresh coffee brews and their scrumptious array of snacks to east on the side.

1. Snakes and Lattes

While this café may seem like it serves snakes on the side – you couldn’t be further from the truth. This cozy café is known for its delicious and unique Nutella lattés, scrumptious sandwiches, and its long menu of delicious meals for adults and children alike. The real kicker is that this café features wall filled with bookcases with a multitude of books all from different genres. Moreover, the café has over 3,000 board games that can be played during your stay. Its no wonder why this is such a recommended café for the socialites of Toronto.

2. Manic Coffee

This café is known for starting from a Kickstarter, along with other cafés in the early 2000’s. Since its grand opening, it has become a popular café to stop by due to its friendly and quiet vibe. Many indie lovers always flock to this café due to it resembling a café that would been seen in the previous decades, but with a modern twist. Along with its delicious coffee and homey environment, Manic Coffee is known for their delicious house-made gelato that serves as the perfect side during the summer and spring.

3. The Tempered Room

The Tempered Room is known for an array of things, one being the critically acclaimed pastry chef Bertrand Alépée serving his delicious and stunning desserts to complement your coffee, or maybe for the classic and comfortable atmosphere of the café that features a detailed brick wall, and sometimes even for their freshly brewed and famous coffee.

4. Fahrenheit Coffee

Even though Fahrenheit Coffee may be a smaller scale café, tier drinks and pastry combination packs a punch. This personal café features a lovely high bar seating area so patrons can enjoy the calming environment along with enjoying the scents of the array of freshly brewed coffee flavours and the sweet scent of their pastry collection.

5. De Mello Palheta

If you’re looking for the perfect combination between having a high-quality café along with a lively but perfect setting to sit down and do some work – then De Mello Palheta is the café you should go to. Due to the array of single or two-seater tables, patrons will be able to focus on their work while enjoying a nice side of fresh coffee to give them that much needed energy boost. Plus, their modern and interesting interior makes this café stand out from the rest.