Interesting features of German cuisine you need to know

German cuisine varies widely between regions, not so much on the layout, but on the calories and vitamins in each diet. In addition, German cuisine also has many interesting features, discover it together!

Germans love to eat meat, no matter what time of day it is required to have enough meat in it, especially pork. The meals of the Germans are always full of meat, even if you come here, you may be “surprised” with the amount of meat they need in each meal every day and sometimes will make it your little belly is hard to bear!

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ẩm thực đức

Meals are often combined with carefully marinated meat with spices, enjoyed with beer or wine, beer made from fresh yeast and barley, extremely excellent. Smoked meat is an extremely popular dish here, especially on Tet holidays, in these days they often enjoy the whole goose.

In addition to meat, they are also extremely fond of potatoes, so when entering the restaurant, you can find a list of many dishes made from this material. For vegetables, they also like radish, peas, cabbage, carrots and asparagus.

The next list of favorite foods is indispensable for fish with many types such as perch, carp, salmon … they are prioritized by chefs to create delicious delicious dishes.

At the afternoon meals, the Germans are extremely fond of sipping a delicious cup of coffee along with the sweetest, most outstanding cakes, including bee stings, black Forest cakes, plum cakes, apple pie, Cheesecake. …

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Germany is also a country with the largest beer consumption in the world, so it is not surprising from small peaceful villages to bustling big cities where brewers are everywhere, with all kinds of bold, black, light, yellow, white, sweet, bitter beer …

Besides beer, wine is equally popular, they often eat red wine beef and enjoy white wine along with dishes made from seafood. When drinking red wine, usually to a normal temperature, it is better to drink chilled white wine.

When preparing dishes, the Germans often like to add butter and extremely favor the dishes that come with the sauce, especially the sauce with fresh cream and milk.