The Ten Most Famous Cafes in Singapore (part 1)

Cafes are the place where you can do mostly everything, from meeting friends and workers to experience the intrepid creativeness. Here we look at the ten most famous cafes in Singapore that may satisfy you and add something to your life, all starting with a cup of coffee.

The Wired Monkey

Little India is one of the most must-visit destinations for travelers thanks to its throwback architecture and the strong historical atmosphere of Singapore that is still preserved in the fast-changing cityscape. Here we can find the first of our haunts, The Wired Monkey cafe. Offering a varied selection of coffee in a comfortable environment, it is a chic place to unwind. From Middle Eastern to traditional southeast delicacies, their kitchen offers a whole array of delicious food with their own twist.

Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee is a classic of the Singapore coffee scene. They are famous for constantly changing their blends, adding a whole level of excitement to their coffee. Here you can also experience the work of a true veteran of the coffee scene in the country with more than five decades on the scene. So, if you’re a die-hard coffee lover, or if you want a more experimental experience, this is where you should pull up a seat.

The Muffinry by Bakery & Bar

This is a very reminiscent of old-school shophouses. It’s tucked away in a little space right smack in Singapore’s commercial district. As the name suggests, this bakery offers a whole array of desserts, including tarts, muffins, pies, and cakes, to satisfy anyone.

The Coastal Settlement

Situated in an isolated spot brimming with lush greenery, The Coastal Settlement is a blast from the past with its decoration. It is as much a café as a museum. In addition to feasting on the beautiful interiors, it is also worth feasting on their extensive menu of tantalizing main dishes, from Asian to Western.