The six best casino food ideas while playing online casino games

If you don’t want to go out for a food coma but you are running out of casino food ideas, there are healthier alternatives to keep the mind sharp and stomach full. The casino foods below are widely available, easy to make and eat, and can keep you ahead of the game.


Banana is widely considered the world’s most perfect food. Full of potassium, carbohydrates, soluble dietary fibers, natural detoxifying agents, and a sugar known as pectin, this food is convenient on the go and no prep required. Bananas can prevent muscle fatigue and are also a great recovery cure for hangovers.


Your body requires certain food to absorb vital nutrients like alpha- and beta-carotene and lutein. One of the few foods that function in this capacity is avocados. Filled with good fats, avocados can lower cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of heart disease.


Tea has always been regarded as having many health benefits. Chamomile and green tea are great for calming nerves thanks to its high level of caffein. Tea may be the best drink to maximize brain function and keep alertness.

Fatty Fish

If you need a healthy food to fight hunger, the best food for you is fatty fish. Fish are a good source of protein and fish oil has a lot of health benefits. Rich with vitamin-D and omega-3 fats, eating mackerel, trout, sardines and salmon can optimize your gaming diet.

Milk or Yogurt

Yogurts or milk is a great combination of B vitamins, vitamin D, protein, and bone-building calcium. These dairy products can relieve tense muscles and bring better sleep at night. Those who are lactose intolerant can use the alternatives such as the soy or nut varieties.


Nuts are a simple and convenient food perfect to stop the munchies. It’s better to use nut varieties like almonds, cashews, and pistachios, rather than sugar-coated or salted varieties since they can increase thirst and blood pressure.

Sweet and fatty culinary culture of Switzerland

The impression of the Swiss country among each of us must be a verdant pasture with milky cows grazing. That right?

Therefore, Swiss fresh milk is considered one of the best milk in the world! There is a decent test, does not contain melamine. Therefore, the taste of Swiss cheese is … delicious, premium!

Kết quả hình ảnh cho socola thụy điển

Here, the cheese production is seen as an art, with some stages, they still use the manual method to produce greasy, soft cheeses along with attractive yellow color and The hole is full of mysteries. Why does cheese have such holes? The culprit is CO2! CO2 is produced during the fermentation process and these holes form only when the cheese has reached a point.

But the cheese hotpot is even more special. The cheese is melted in a small pot along with white wine, garlic and pepper. But you pay attention, in the hot pot must have enough 2 types of Gruyere and Vacherin cheese to taste. It sounds so easy, but to get a standard cheese pot of cheese is not easy at all … if not, it will also be too overheated.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho phomat thụy sĩ

Bored of that! As for how to eat it is very simple, just dip the bread into the pot and enjoy it. Oh, but every time you dip a bread like that, remember to stir in figure 8! I don’t know why … That’s how it is!

Along with cheese, Switzerland is also famous for Chocolate … Normally we still think that Belgian chocolate is the best, but actually Switzerland is the best! Although not the country of chocolate, but this country is the place to make chocolate to perfection!

Chocolate is also melted in a small pot, but the food included in this dish is not bread but any kind of fruit is banana, strawberry, kiwi, mango … or sometimes small round cakes pretty small pretty! But whatever it is, this dish is great! Right?

The quintessential dishes of Cuban cuisine

Cuba is an archipelago located in the Caribbean, home to a diverse culture: indigenous culture, immigrant Hispanics and slaves. As a result, Cuban cuisine is a wonderful blend of the spicy flavors of Spain, the Caribbean, an abundance of seafood and tropical fruits mixed with a bit of African wild.

Cuban cuisine exudes a Spanish taste, blending with the Caribbean style. A true meal of the people of this Gulf, the dishes will be given at the same time, not serving each dish as Western countries.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ẩm thực cuba

Paella Habana is a slightly pasty rice, with a strong aroma of turmeric, cooked with chem chep, clams to shell, squid, shrimp. Paella Habana attracts by the colors of the decorative vegetables, accompanied by the sweetness of the seafood blended in the smell of turmeric.

Cuba’s Tamales dish is not exactly the same as Mexican’s “tamales”, which are made from ground corn, cornstarch, shortening and ground pork. The dish is wrapped in corn leaves, tied tightly, then boiled with salt water. Tamales and black bean soup are one of the rare traditional dishes still very popular in modern Cuban cuisine.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ẩm thực cuba

Ropa vieja consists of shredded beef cooked with criollo tomato sauce until tender. Ropa vieja in Spanish means “old clothes”, because after cooking the beef is very soft, torn by hand so it looks like old cloths.

Cuban Sandwich is a traditional Cuban dish, also known as Mixed Sandwich because the ingredients inside can vary depending on the taste and characteristics of each region. This dish includes hamburgers, casseroles or chicken, cheese and Mojo sauce.

Cuban Sandwic served with french fries and salad. Enjoy this dish indispensable a cocktail Mojito.

Mojito Cocktail is an interesting and popular cocktail in Cuba. This drink is a great blend of Rhum and Soda with lemon sugar and mint leaves to make extremely attractive taste. One of the main dishes in Cuba is plantains. if you eat it, you will eat it slightly acrid, then it will be baked or steamed when cooked.

Taiwanese cuisine through street food

Traveling to Taiwan during hot weather like July and August can make you tired, but dispel that fatigue with a glass of fresh mango ice flakes. Grated ice blended with the fresh yellow of mango pieces creates a very eye-catching feeling, wherever you eat, you will feel cool there. CNN news voted mango ice cream as the best ice cream in Taiwan.

Fish ball soup is not strange to Asian countries, but to say the famous fish ball soup must mention in Taiwan, especially at Yeong Chi restaurant. Diners often arrive early and crowded towards the end of the day. The special thing here is that the fish balls are made of fresh milkfish so the specific flavor is very difficult to expand.


Traveling to Taiwan, you have to enjoy oyster casting eggs once to know how great this dish is. This dish features the characteristics of Taiwanese cuisine, a blend of mountains and the sea.

All ingredients such as eggs, oysters, scallions, … will be mixed together and put on a frying pan, served with a little spicy sauce. Oysters are best to eat when they are still hot, don’t take too many photos and lose the taste of the dish.

Iron eggs are chicken eggs, pigeons are stewed with soy sauce, soy sauce and a number of different spices. Then the eggs are dried and stewed until they turn dark brown or black. This dish tastes a bit strange at first, but when you eat the second fruit, diners will start to feel the flavors have absorbed in the egg.


Across the streets of Taiwan nowhere is no selling rotten tofu. Rotten tofu is made by the usual method of fermenting tofu and then frying or making other dishes. According to nutrition experts, rotten tofu has a high content of nutrients. The protein in rotten tofu after being converted into amino acids, has the effect of increasing appetite, supporting digestion.

Bangkok transforms itself on the world-class culinary map

After a night, Bangkok has transformed itself from a city with street food to a world-class culinary capital. When it comes to food venues in Asia, Bangkok is always on par with Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

As one of the major economic and financial centers in the region with many modern shopping centers and entertainment districts, Bangkok is no stranger to the glory called the Michelin Guide. In fact, for many years, the city has become the “common home” of famous chefs. It is a frequent destination for star chefs around the world for all culinary events.

One of them is the World Gourmet Festival, an annual event with star chefs coming from 1 or 2 Michelin starred restaurants. In December last year, the capital city of Bangkok officially launched its own Michelin Guide, marking a new start in this area of ​​high-class cuisine.

The first edition of the “Red Book” has starred 17 restaurants across the city. Anand restaurant, undertaken by Indian chef Gaggan, is one of three culinary addresses that receive 2 Michelin stars. The other two names are French cuisine style restaurant Le Normandie at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok and Mezzaluna restaurant at Lebua hotel. There are no restaurants with 3 Michelin stars attached.

Michelin stars are an opportunity for well-known restaurants. While promoting a spirit of competition for restaurants to try to bring diners more delicious, quality food, “chef Gaggan Anand. He announced plans to close his restaurant by 2020 to focus on new projects, affirmed.

Fourteen restaurants with 1 Michelin star include Bolan, Bird by Siam Wisdom, Elements, Ginza Sushi Ichi, J’Aime by Jean-Michel Lorain, Robuchon, Nahm, Paste, Saneh Jaan, Savelberg, Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin, Sühring, Upstairs at Mikkeller, and Raan Jay Fai. Jay Fai is the only sidewalk restaurant that passes many other high-end restaurants in Bangkok to enter the Michelin starred list in 2017. The 35 restaurants are nominated but the prestigious stars are only for the restaurant. “excellent cuisine at reasonable prices”.

Effect of Caffeine in martial arts training and competition

First, let’s find out what caffeine is. It is basically a kind of stimulant and potentially addictive, but totally legal and socially acceptable.

Many athletes use caffeine daily, not only in coffee and energy drinks, but also from medicines or functional foods. It even has fat burning effects and appetite suppression, especially suitable for boxers who need to lose weight.

Coffee is more effective than just a stimulant. There are many reasons that boxers decide to supplement their caffeine intake in addition to being able to maintain alertness after intense training sessions.

Studies have shown that an average dose of 3 milligrams per kilogram of weight can significantly improve athlete’s endurance. For example, for a person weighing 70 kg, the appropriate amount of caffeine would be about 210 milligrams. For reference, a small cup of black Espresso coffee contains about 40 milligrams, one can of Red Bull energy drinks treat 151 milligrams of caffeine.

Not only that, the effect of caffeine on the central nervous system is very strong, the longest can last up to 6 hours. This can help a boxer undergo a sparring workout with almost imperceptible fatigue.

For this reason, each time caffeine was on the International Olympic Committee’s list of banned substances. An amount of caffeine in the blood equivalent to 8 cups of coffee is enough for an athlete to be banned from the Olympics and to receive the same punishment as the act of using other doping types.

In addition to the role of stimulants, caffeine also delay muscle fatigue. A 2009 University of Illinois study found that 300 milligrams of caffeine loaded into the body 60 minutes before exercise would make the ache feel much later.

Glycogen is an energy reserve in muscle, burned to fuel during exercise. There is a limited amount of glycogen available in muscles, and when glycogen is depleted, lactic acid builds up in the muscle. This is the cause of the burning sensation that practitioners will feel in their muscles during and after exercise.

Features of European culinary culture

Speaking to Europe not only talk about famous attractions or unique festivals, but also to European tourism you also have the opportunity to enjoy attractive cuisine. The food here is always admired by gourmets around the world admiring the harmony, sophistication but equally luxurious. It seems that European dishes are always processed and presented in the most complete way.

Italian cuisine is always a pride of Italian people because there is a notion that this place is the cradle of European cuisine today. Simply created by Italian dishes that have been popular all over the world such as: Pizza, Spaghetti, Tiramisu, Risotto, … especially coffee.

Italian cuisine is always a pride of Italian people because there is a notion that this place is the cradle of European cuisine today. Simply created by Italian dishes that have been popular all over the world such as: Pizza, Spaghetti, Tiramisu, Risotto, … especially coffee.

In the minds of gourmets when they hear the names of Italian chefs, they all compliment because they seem to always bring unique flavors even to the simplest dishes. From simple ingredients like cereals, flour and other spices and fresh food to create a harmonious whole: keep the natural flavor of the ingredients and still create a unique taste of water Italy.

The harmony and originality are a combination of ingredients and herbs that make up the individual flavors of Italian cuisine – both creative, a little strange, and ecstatic. It seems that everyone who enjoys Italian food thinks that this is an elaborate dish with lots of ingredients. But not. All these unique things start from one thing – simplicity. The Italians do not interfere with the taste of ingredients but often let them shine. Do you believe that an Italian dish usually has no more than 10 ingredients?

The French people are very respectful and also very sophisticated in their eating. Enjoy French cuisine you can not ignore the famous specialties of this romantic land: wine, cheese and foie gras. In addition, it is impossible not to mention crep, cider, wine of the East, champagne of the North and cheese, white wine of Central, foie gras, Bordeaux wine of the Southwest are regional specialties can not skip when you come to France.

Brexit will make British coffee prices more expensive

Not only do the negative impacts on the economy, market experts note that Brexit will make the coffee consumption market of the “fog country” really feel “bitter taste”. The depreciation of the pound over the past time is increasing the import cost of this coffee, which may push the price of a cup of coffee significantly.

Coffee auction activities in Africa and South America are made in USD. Therefore, it is unavoidable for the pound to fall sharply to increase the cost of importing raw coffee.

Jose Aguilar, a customer of London-based Monmouth Coffee coffee roaster, said his company often imports coffee from countries like Ethiopia and Kenya, so exchange rate fluctuations will inevitably affect. to import costs.

Mr Aguilar estimates that in the context of a strong depreciation of the pound, the cost of importing coffee may increase by 10-15% in the coming time and his company will surely have to consider adjusting the selling price.

Prices of some types of coffee may rise to the threshold of 3 pounds per cup. However, coffee experts are optimistic that despite rising costs, even if they are billionaires or homeless people, they cannot give up their coffee drinking habits.

From another perspective, the depreciation of the pound will benefit companies exporting coffee products to the European market. James Dickson, Executive Director of Coffee processing company and Workshop coffee chain business, said the pound dropped against the euro, providing an opportunity to promote the export of finished coffee, especially Special coffee, for loyal customers in Europe.

London is currently the world’s leading market for specialty coffee. The coffee business has grown rapidly in the UK in the last few years. Francisco Nogueira, CEO of Nespresso coffee brand in the UK, said the company’s long-term ambition is that every British consumer can reach Nespresso’s retail outlets within an hour.

Some facts that few people know about effects of coffee

Coffee today is considered a popular drink, healthy and frequently used drink. In addition to the positive aspects such as helping the brain to be alert, enhancing intellectual activities, bringing about positive psychological pleasure …, coffee also has negative effects on health.

Maybe when mentioning this, people who like this drink may not be interested at all. However, in fact, coffee also has certain effects if we use it in an uncontrolled way.

Coffee plants also use caffeine on the skin of the stem to kill surrounding plants. therefore, they will receive more sunlight, as well as grow faster. Caffeine is also used as a component in a natural insecticide, which causes the cessation of genetic processes in living cells when exposed to it.

Brain imaging studies have also shown that coffee drinkers often suffer from brain decline like alcoholics, smokers, marijuana users, or people with Parkinson’s. Coffee can cause rapid intestinal activity.

This is how the body tries to eliminate toxins inside the body. However, the process takes place suddenly after drinking coffee is a reliable proof when the body’s defense mechanism when poisoning is activated.

Coffee increases the energy level used in the body’s metabolic reaction. This comes from the body’s ability to fear caffeine poisoning. Meanwhile, coffee not only does not provide energy but also removes them from our bodies.

When the body starts to be activated to release energy due to fear of the effects of caffeine, the body then falls into a state of full capacity or overload. And coffee is now eliminating the energy accumulated inside the body, making people more and more tired after each passing day.

This constitutes an “addiction” to energy stimulation – one of the most dangerous forms of addiction in the world. When the “uncontrolled” condition is activated inside the body, the brain must increase its activity to regulate the body’s endocrine system in a stable manner. This happens to ensure aggressive, violent, absurd decisions, jealousy, anger, fear and paranoia, … can be controlled.

Why should sports players drink chocolate milk

Why should sports players drink chocolate milk? Because chocolate milk can make sports players more durable than regular sports drinks.

Chocolate milk is not only delicious, it is also good for people who exercise more than sports drinks. New research found chocolate milk helps sports players can operate more than 6 minutes more sustainably than regular sports drinks.

“Chocolate milk contains carbohydrates, protein, fat, antioxidant flavonoids, electrolytes, some vitamins and is a good choice to help restore fitness for sports players,” Daily Mail quoted Dr. Amin Salehi-Abargouei. He is the main author of the study at Shahid Sadoughi University (Iran).

Chocolate milk has the ability to improve heart rate, reduce the ability to accumulate lactic acid in muscle causing cramps. In addition, chocolate milk has the advantage of providing protein, while sports drinks only have electrolytes, not proteins.

The expert group at Shahid Sadoughi University analyzed 12 different studies with the participation of a total of 150 people.

They were asked to do physical exercises like running or cycling, then drinking chocolate milk. The ability to recover the physical strength of the study participants was assessed by parameters such as heart rate, lactic acid level in the muscle.

Scientists found that people who drink chocolate milk have the ability to exercise better for more than 6 minutes compared to people who drink regular sports drinks.

Health experts say any drink containing protein, carbohydrates, water and electrolytes will help the body to recover well after exercise. In addition to Chocolate milk, athletes can choose from a number of drinks with ingredients similar to cereals, vitamins and soups, according to the Daily Mail.

Recent studies of bioactive phenolic compounds in cocoa have completely changed the perception of chocolate scientists. Many effects of chocolate with aging, oxidative stress, cognitive processes, ability to regulate blood pressure and atherosclerosis have been discovered.