The quintessential dishes of Cuban cuisine

Cuba is an archipelago located in the Caribbean, home to a diverse culture: indigenous culture, immigrant Hispanics and slaves. As a result, Cuban cuisine is a wonderful blend of the spicy flavors of Spain, the Caribbean, an abundance of seafood and tropical fruits mixed with a bit of African wild.

Cuban cuisine exudes a Spanish taste, blending with the Caribbean style. A true meal of the people of this Gulf, the dishes will be given at the same time, not serving each dish as Western countries.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ẩm thực cuba

Paella Habana is a slightly pasty rice, with a strong aroma of turmeric, cooked with chem chep, clams to shell, squid, shrimp. Paella Habana attracts by the colors of the decorative vegetables, accompanied by the sweetness of the seafood blended in the smell of turmeric.

Cuba’s Tamales dish is not exactly the same as Mexican’s “tamales”, which are made from ground corn, cornstarch, shortening and ground pork. The dish is wrapped in corn leaves, tied tightly, then boiled with salt water. Tamales and black bean soup are one of the rare traditional dishes still very popular in modern Cuban cuisine.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ẩm thực cuba

Ropa vieja consists of shredded beef cooked with criollo tomato sauce until tender. Ropa vieja in Spanish means “old clothes”, because after cooking the beef is very soft, torn by hand so it looks like old cloths.

Cuban Sandwich is a traditional Cuban dish, also known as Mixed Sandwich because the ingredients inside can vary depending on the taste and characteristics of each region. This dish includes hamburgers, casseroles or chicken, cheese and Mojo sauce.

Cuban Sandwic served with french fries and salad. Enjoy this dish indispensable a cocktail Mojito.

Mojito Cocktail is an interesting and popular cocktail in Cuba. This drink is a great blend of Rhum and Soda with lemon sugar and mint leaves to make extremely attractive taste. One of the main dishes in Cuba is plantains. if you eat it, you will eat it slightly acrid, then it will be baked or steamed when cooked.

Exquisite culinary culture of the Germans

It is unlikely that the federal structure of the Federal Republic of Germany is as clear as in the field of culture. And especially of their culinary culture is so nice. Meals combined with spicy marinated meats with salted fish accompanied by vegetables and pine nuts with wine or beer are German favorites.

In Germany there are over 200 types of Wurst, ie veal made from veal, pork, pig brain, mustard, spices and curry powder. Each region has its own type of sausage, from Bavarian white sausages with parsley and onions to grilled chipolata sausages on embers.

Blood pudding, chicken cut into pieces of bread crumbs, slices of beef and deer, and round scad from North Sea smoked and salted, pickled cabbage, potato salad called Kartoffelsalat, marinated red cabbage taste, and mushrooms grow everywhere in the water and are processed in every way.

In some regions, especially the Baden Moselle, Frankfurt and Bavaria, people are particularly interested in food quality. These are also wine producing regions.

Although German cooking techniques revolve around beef and lamb dishes, there are now more and more vegetarian restaurants throughout Germany. The Germans also ate some of the play between the main meals when they were hungry and occasionally organized partying for more chatter.

Sauerkraut – Pork dish with pickled cabbage – is the most famous traditional dish of German cuisine next to German beer. This dish is not only present regularly in the meal of the German people but its taste also conquers many neighboring countries.

In each region, there are different ways of doing things depending on the taste of each region, but in general, the processing is the same. And in every meal of the Germans, always put on the table dish of pork pickled cabbage. A piece of pork served with sour pickled cabbage creates a sweet and sour feeling of sweetness of the cabbage and fatty taste.

A coffee cup with me

For me, coffee has never been a crowd, noisy, rushing thing. The more coffee, the better the coffee, the darker, the more bitter. People still say that, drinking coffee is not just about enjoying a play, drinking coffee gradually becomes a culture, to push the story, to move away from the hierarchy, to relieve the late mind and to find memories.

In each place every step of the person passing, there will be stories to tell about coffee. Each tiny drop of coffee is every drop that touches the depths of the confines of the heart. Lonely, but by the black coffee cup, people see that life seems to be left with only one thing, that is romanticism, being adventure, to be with the slow breath of time.

Growing up will be lonely, but growing up then people see life having lonely moments to realize how interesting they are. It is like drinking coffee, after the bitterness in the tip of the tongue gradually feels a pleasant sweet taste spreading throughout the body. The taste of coffee penetrates into each neuron, making it clear, smooth and pleasant.

Then, life suddenly fell into a cup of coffee. It is just a bitter black and black water that people have thought about so many lives, truths, love and memories. As it turned out, it was thought to drink a drink of bitter black water like this one to drink into a soul: The soul of the farmer cultivates cultivation; The soul of the artisan has accurately calculated for each batch of roasted coffee; The soul of the artist has successfully concocted an excellent cup of coffee from taste to image.

I will sip coffee, with jazz songs. Perhaps, only those who understand the pain, imbued with the feeling of dividing the embryo, are suffering from loneliness to create the most appropriate music to blend with the bitterness of coffee.