Sweet and fatty culinary culture of Switzerland

The impression of the Swiss country among each of us must be a verdant pasture with milky cows grazing. That right?

Therefore, Swiss fresh milk is considered one of the best milk in the world! There is a decent test, does not contain melamine. Therefore, the taste of Swiss cheese is … delicious, premium!

Kết quả hình ảnh cho socola thụy điển

Here, the cheese production is seen as an art, with some stages, they still use the manual method to produce greasy, soft cheeses along with attractive yellow color and The hole is full of mysteries. Why does cheese have such holes? The culprit is CO2! CO2 is produced during the fermentation process and these holes form only when the cheese has reached a point.

But the cheese hotpot is even more special. The cheese is melted in a small pot along with white wine, garlic and pepper. But you pay attention, in the hot pot must have enough 2 types of Gruyere and Vacherin cheese to taste. It sounds so easy, but to get a standard cheese pot of cheese is not easy at all … if not, it will also be too overheated.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho phomat thụy sĩ

Bored of that! As for how to eat it is very simple, just dip the bread into the pot and enjoy it. Oh, but every time you dip a bread like that, remember to stir in figure 8! I don’t know why … That’s how it is!

Along with cheese, Switzerland is also famous for Chocolate … Normally we still think that Belgian chocolate is the best, but actually Switzerland is the best! Although not the country of chocolate, but this country is the place to make chocolate to perfection!

Chocolate is also melted in a small pot, but the food included in this dish is not bread but any kind of fruit is banana, strawberry, kiwi, mango … or sometimes small round cakes pretty small pretty! But whatever it is, this dish is great! Right?