Taiwanese cuisine through street food

Traveling to Taiwan during hot weather like July and August can make you tired, but dispel that fatigue with a glass of fresh mango ice flakes. Grated ice blended with the fresh yellow of mango pieces creates a very eye-catching feeling, wherever you eat, you will feel cool there. CNN news voted mango ice cream as the best ice cream in Taiwan.

Fish ball soup is not strange to Asian countries, but to say the famous fish ball soup must mention in Taiwan, especially at Yeong Chi restaurant. Diners often arrive early and crowded towards the end of the day. The special thing here is that the fish balls are made of fresh milkfish so the specific flavor is very difficult to expand.


Traveling to Taiwan, you have to enjoy oyster casting eggs once to know how great this dish is. This dish features the characteristics of Taiwanese cuisine, a blend of mountains and the sea.

All ingredients such as eggs, oysters, scallions, … will be mixed together and put on a frying pan, served with a little spicy sauce. Oysters are best to eat when they are still hot, don’t take too many photos and lose the taste of the dish.

Iron eggs are chicken eggs, pigeons are stewed with soy sauce, soy sauce and a number of different spices. Then the eggs are dried and stewed until they turn dark brown or black. This dish tastes a bit strange at first, but when you eat the second fruit, diners will start to feel the flavors have absorbed in the egg.


Across the streets of Taiwan nowhere is no selling rotten tofu. Rotten tofu is made by the usual method of fermenting tofu and then frying or making other dishes. According to nutrition experts, rotten tofu has a high content of nutrients. The protein in rotten tofu after being converted into amino acids, has the effect of increasing appetite, supporting digestion.