Enjoying the rustic and fascinating culture of Dutch cuisine

Cheese is the first dish we would recommend to Parents and Students. This is a famous and quite popular dish in the Netherlands, which is not only loved by locals but also tourists.

As a traditional dish, dating from 400 BC, Dutch cheese is made according to a secret recipe, so it tastes better than other countries. Milk is incubated until it is frozen and then completely separated. This is a difficult stage, requiring a lot of techniques.

Đến Amsterdam (Hà Lan) đừng bỏ qua những món ăn này nếu không muốn "tiếc hùi hụi" - Ảnh 1.

The finished product is mixed with a yeast and then dried for 2 days. When the mixture has fermented to create a different and rich flavor for cheese, it is soaked in brine and dried before creating a protective outer layer of powder. Undergoing thorough process, Dutch cheese can be stored and used for more than 1 year while preserving the delicious taste.

Anyone who visits the beautiful city of Amsterdam will be fascinated, dead tired of herring. Fresh herring is cleaned, seasoned with salt and served with sliced ​​onions with pickled cucumber.

This dish has a proper way to enjoy it, which is to invert the fish and put it into the whole mouth. As such, all the new ingredients blend together and give an enjoyable dining experience, the taste of fresh fish, the salty taste of salt, the sweetness of onions and sour from Pickles, extremely stimulating taste. You can easily find salted herring in the stalls along the streets of Amsterdam.

Đến Amsterdam (Hà Lan) đừng bỏ qua những món ăn này nếu không muốn "tiếc hùi hụi" - Ảnh 6.

Poffertjes are cakes made from ingredients: yeast, buckwheat flour, sugar and pureed butter. After mixing all the ingredients together into a thick paste just enough to shape into small cakes, we will shape into small balls and fry them to make the product look very appealing.

Stroopwaffle is an extremely sweet dish in the Netherlands. If you are a fan of sweet, don’t miss this dish. The simple dish is that two thin waffles put together in the middle will have a sweet syrup layer. This cake must be eaten when it is still hot to feel the crispy taste of the waffle layer outside, blended with the aroma, sweet taste typical of syrup, ensuring you will never be able to forget the taste of it.