Nagoya – The wonderful culinary house of Japan

Not only famous for the growing automotive technology – home to the Toyota brand, Nagoya is also known as a Japanese culinary house with countless unique and attractive dishes.

In recent years, Nagoya has become an important piece of Japanese culinary culture, and so this area has always been an irresistible attraction for international visitors.

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Here, visitors will not be difficult to explore the cultural and artistic values ​​in the rich cuisine. A place where Japanese tourists can experience a delightful dining experience with local dishes, specialties and traditional dishes.

Not only that, Nagoya also owns an office with a research team, raising awareness about food safety, preserving and developing traditional culinary values.

Cuisine Nagoya Japan has a long history with many dishes characterized by ancient times and called “Nagoya Meshi”. Thereby, you can see the charm of the culinary culture of this land like right?

Today, visitors to Nagoya also have the opportunity to enjoy the “original” food that can not be found in any major city when traveling to Japan. Those dishes will be cited shortly.

Kishimen, also known as flat noodles, flat noodles – one of the delicious Japanese dishes sold at many famous restaurants and restaurants. However, due to the influence of the soil, water and ingredients, only Kishimen in Aichi, Nagoya – forget the flavor of this dish is appreciated by diners with chewy noodles and attractive taste.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ẩm thực nhật bản

It won’t be hard for you to find this on your Japan tour, but head to Nagoya to fully enjoy the miso nikomi flavor. People here can eat it year-round regardless of hot or cold seasons.

A delicious bowl of miso nikomi noodles will be cooked with Nagoya-specific miso soy, creating a unique aroma. The chef will add tuna, shiitake mushrooms, scallions, raw eggs … to increase the flavor. Try this ramen and tell us how you feel!

Also known as the famous fried chicken wings in Nagoya. This Japanese specialty is spicy, salty and crunchy, which is suitable for sharing a genuine Japanese beer.

Although Japanese tourists can find tebasaki throughout the land of cherry blossoms, however, if you want to enjoy the full flavor and true to the origin, come to Nagoya Japan.